Myles Academy aims to develop students’ personal, social, employability and independent learning skills, as well as helping our pupils achieve high levels of punctuality, attendance and conduct, including through the contribution of non-qualification or enrichment activities and work experience. Myles Academy gives our young people with Special Educational Needs a rich, broad and balanced curriculum experience that will prepare them for adulthood by developing their self-confidence, self-awareness and understanding of how to be a successful learner.

We aim to develop happy, independent and successful learners by focusing on end point learning goals and enabling them to acquire the skills that will lead to appropriate further education, employment or training. We acknowledge that our pupils follow a number of different educational pathways and we differentiate accordingly whilst never put a ceiling on their progress and development. By doing this, Myles Academy promotes understanding of how to keep yourself safe from risks such as abuse, sexual exploitation and extremism, including when using the internet and social media. Pupils also develop knowledge of how to keep yourself healthy, both emotionally and physically, including through exercising and healthy eating

We believe in aspirational, quality first teaching while also providing interventions which take place pastorally, academically and therapeutically for pupils who are experiencing barriers to learning. We offer pupils a wide range of subjects and educational experiences and support our pupils in making appropriate choices for Adult life.

Myles Academy believes all children and young people are entitled to a nurturing environment that demonstrates care, empathy and support in order to help our young people identify positive aspects of their everyday lives and strategies to develop the areas they find more difficult, such as friendship skills, anxiety and social problem solving.  Every day is a new day and children and young people will be met by a staff team who embrace the concept of unconditional positive regard.  By doing so we help to develop trusting relationships where everyone feels able to make mistakes in a safe environment, where they will not be met with punitive approaches, but rather the support they need to reflect and move forward.

Our experienced team of staff are on hand to support not only our children and young people, but also parents, in order to establish a wrap-a-round provision that takes into account all aspects of the young person’s life in order to provide an educational experience that works for them.